Saturday, February 7, 2015

Globalizing WWI - Articles and Thoughts

Currently, I am still working through my Period 5 (1750 - 1900) unit, but I am already thinking ahead.  In my constant push to make my APWH curriculum more global, I've been working on re-envisioning my lessons on WWI.  I have tended to follow the generic narrative on WWI, so it's been very Euro-centric.    I am thinking of taking excerpts of these articles, some of the images, and the video and making station activities out of them for students to explore and gain understanding of the global impact of WWI.  Thanks to Bram Hubbell for starting the conversation on the APWH Teacher's FB Group.   Thanks especially to Jeremy Greene in sharing his Delicious bookmarks -- many of the links here are also on his bookmark bundle (last link!).  Would love to hear thoughts of how you approach WWI, or ideas of how you would use these links. 

*NEW* Here is the Primary Source Webinar on "WWI as a Global Phenomena"

Smithsonian Article:  "Why it Matters Whether or Not Students Learn about WWI in American History or world history class"

WWI Globally:
A Global Guide to the First World War:

Race, Empire and Colonial Troops: 

Remember the World as Well as the War:

The Rhyme of History:  Lessons from the Great War:

Viewpoint: Why the Shadow of WWI and 1989 hangs over world events, by Jeffrey Sachs:

Legacies of WWI from The Guardian:

NPR's links to WWI:

WWI in Africa:
Misremembered History:  First World War in East Africa:

The African Roots of War, by W.E.B. DuBois: 

WWI in Asia:

Forgotten Soldiers of WWI: 

Why Indian Soldiers were Forgotten:

The Forgotton Army of the First World War: How Chinese Labourers helped shape Europe

WWI in Middle East:
The Fall of the Ottomans review – an absorbing history of the impact of the first world war on the Middle East from The Guardian

What World War I Did to the Middle East:

Baghdad after WWI:

WWI: The Famine of Mount Lebanon:

Lesson Plan -  Power and Promises: Redrawing the Boundaries of the Middle East:

WWI in Oceania:

TED Talk:  Forgotten Grandfathers: Maori Men of WWI:

BBC "The Forgotten Men of Anzac: The Indigenous Army"

Teaching WWI:

Teaching WWI in the 21st Century, from NHD:

Remembering WWI: 

Jeremy Green's WWI Tag bundle on Delicious: